Ups and downs, good times and bad times, my life with her is like “riding a roller coaster”-we try not to hide it, we are both very passionate people.

I had a photo session with my daughter, and it went very smoothly(only except for when I had to go back to my car to grab my stepping stool to catch up with her height . . . she got taller!)

It was very personal, special and bittersweet. I realized that she is the one who is getting mature and adjusting better to ride the coaster more peacefully with me these days. She is also the one who introduces “what is now & new?” to me since I started feeling a little overwhelmed by experiencing the generation gap between me and the kids. (Oh my goodness, I am not that old, am I?)

. . . and lastly, she did. She dropped a small bomb by saying “Mama, you have to get together …..because I will be gone soon!”

The statement make me choke.

Anyway, I sincerely appreciate that I could capture her today. I wish all the best for her and believe that our ride will be more smooth and joyous one in all the years to come!

Thank the Pasadena City Hall for providing us the great backdrop . . . It seemed like we went to some European country! so beautiful.

to be continued;)

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