Your most favorite day is approaching …just around the corner. Papa and mama know that you start counting right after (sometime before) Christmas for your birthday. This time it’s a big one. You will be 16!

There are literally more than a couple hundreds of images of you each year, but below are my quick selections for a simple collage of you. Going through all these images brought me back all these memories and reminded me how lucky I am to have you who enriched my life to a galaxy level. Just like what I always tell you, you have lots of potentials! Be sincere, and do your best always!

Lastly, thank you for accepting me(no choice) as who I am …..far away from being a perfect mom. There are lots of things I would love to learn with you as well!

You have only a couple of days left being 15 years old – ENJOY!

to be continued;)

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