98% of the photo session time was filled with giggling and chattering, and all of a sudden, the last of the 2% fell into this very quiet mood and she stared at my big lense questioning “are you a one-eyed minion?”. My heart skipped a beat or two when it happened.

because she is soooooo adorable!

Do not expect 3-year-olds to stay still and pose for your camera. They move. They swing and walk around. They examine all the props I hand to them.

I love it when the images come out just like they looked like perfectly posed! this is the magic of 3 years old – so pure and curious.

In my Japanese Tatami Room . . .

Her family came all the way from Las Vegas and she had a little brother!

I had such an amazing time with the family! Thank you for the opportunity to capture you all!

till next time;)

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