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Celebrating Coming of Age in Japanese Style

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One of the excitements of living in Los Angeles for me is to be able to meet many people who have Japanese background or Japanese blood.

Growing up in a small village in Kyushu island (about 2 hours away from Tokyo by airplane) in Japan, I had only a few chances to meet or communicate with people from other countries. I was fascinated everytime I had a chance to get to know somebody from another country. However, I was too shy to get to know the people at the time.

Now that I can meet and get to know people who are of different race and national origin, I learned a lot with excitement. To be a part of creating commemorative photographs for people who have 100% or part of Japanese background and blood has become my honor and privilege. Actually my dream came true.

I had a great opportunity to meet this family who was celebrating their daughter’s celebration of “Coming of Age”. Celebrating her being part of Japanese blood and background, she wore this beautiful kimono for this very special occasion. Here are some of my top favorite images . . . so beautiful.

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I hope she had a great experience in all of the processes . . . doing make up, putting her hair up to match the kimono style, and being dressed in the gorgeous deep blue kimono. So happy to capture her. . . thank you for the opportunity. Kimono, hair and make up are courtesy of Mrs. Mikko at Kimono no Kobeya.

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