Your children happen to be five and seven years old? It’s time to celebrate their Shichi Go San all together. 

Well, otherwise, there will not be any more opportunity to make this happen in their lives. I am not trying to make you hurry or nervous, but I was the one who was procrastinating on my own daughter’s Shichi Go San. When the oldest was approaching almost to 8 years old, it was finally then that I realized that she would not be 7 anymore! I almost had a panic attack but made sure her Shichi Go San happened at the last minute. My family and myself are very happy we made it happen.

Anyway, I was so delighted to have a family who brought these beautiful children celebrating his 5th and her 7th years of their healthy growth. I have to tell you that these siblings were the most buddy-buddy siblings I have ever photographed!

These (above and Bottom) are my favorites of their family portraits, the moments . . . with their proud grandparents.

I had such a great time capturing them – some of the cutest siblings ever! Kimono rentals and hair and make up by Mrs.Mikko at Kimono no Kobeya.

till next time!

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