Experience Shichi Go San Photography in Los Angeles

Toward the end of my first daughter being 7 years old, I got some panic mode “That’s right, I can not give up her Shichi Go San. Her being 7 years old happens only once in her lifetime, and I will not forgive myself for not making it happen just because I am busy and berried with lots of daily stuff. I still remember how special I felt being dressed up in kimono. All these images of myself celebrating Shichi Go San are one of treasure, and I appreciate my parents who made the tradition happen and captured (my father was really good at taking pictures!)

Within a couple minutes of google search, I found a Kimono no Kobeya, Mrs.Mikko, the owner rents kimonos, do makeup & hair, and kitsuke (dressing Kimono).  I got an appointment with her and things started rolling much easier and smoother than I thought! Should not have procrastinated so long . . .

Just seeing my daughter who is excited to have her hair curled, her hair is up with some Japanese Kanzashi, putting a little bit makeup, and dressed up in kimono was such a joyful experience.

The red and white kanzashi had three little bells – how cute!

Kimono no Kobeya offers a variety of Kimonos! We choose this green one because the color matches my daughter’s skin tone the best, and made her look much prettier than other options such as pastel pink, purple, and etc.

Here you are –  so precious! Let me capture you how beautiful you are being just 7 years old!

Shichi Go San Los Angeles, Kimono no kobeya, Kimono,

We did take advantage of our Japanese room . . . which was crafted by my father. The space was just enough size for me to photograph my daughter. Much appreciation!

Shichi Go San Los Angeles, Kimono no kobeya, Kimono,

Yes. I did it. If there is anyone who would like to have your loved ones being photographed in Kimono, I would love to have the opportunity. I will help you to rent kimonos and coordinate a whole experience for you. Just contact me.

till next time;)

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