Nice to see you again! 

Captured in Downton LA during the early morning.




It was just 2 years ago, I captured you two . . . OMG! I was stunned how much they have grown! 




This big brogher being so cool and patient . . . handling his little brother well and knows how to pose for me now!


 . . . and the little baby then who I had to chase him to this cornor – got you! His squeel echoing through the downtown art district streets. The shirt says it all “I’M A REBEL”.



baby children photography-12.jpg

It was then when the little precious being in their parents arms . . .


baby children photography-20.jpg

and now still being in (or wiggling out) parents arm. Can not wait to see how they will be in a couple of more years!

baby children photography-21.jpgbaby children photography-22.jpgbaby children photography-23.jpg

baby children photography-24.jpg

till next time 😉

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