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“Graduation in Hakama”

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March is the graduation month in Japan.

Many Japanese School here in Los Angeles and the sounding area are having graduations this month also.  

Have you ever wondered why the girls/ladies dress like this for their graduation?

Here is a very short and frank story . . . I learned that the girls finally could attend school about 145 years ago in Japan(not too long ago!). They were wearing kimonos at the beginning, but eventually started wearing Hakama which men used to wear because it was easier for them to move around (some had to ride bicycles!) and get things done at school. Government at the time even allowed the girls to wear Hakama for school. Mrs.Utako is the first lady who said no more men’s Hakama, but instead invented a female Hakama that combines functionality and elegance as a uniform. As Japan started being influenced by western styles, some girls with a keen fashion sense started to wear boots for a modern touch.

Girls were longing for wearing female Hakama because it showed the status of getting an education and were very proud of that. Now that nobody goes to school with that uniform, wearing the female Hakama as formal graduation attire is still popular in Japan to celebrate and respect the history and culture of Japan.

Here we are. Congratulations! P.S. I have many Hakama rental available for you!

till next time 😉

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