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Business Portraits on Location

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So, they wanted to have their background be of an urban and contemporary style and had already scouted some locations prior to the session.

I am all up for Location Photography which has become my thing! But I advised them that we would not be able to stay at some of these rather high-end locations in Century City and Beverly Hills for a very long time, we would have to be fast and flexible. And we did it. I had a super fun time with this three brothers as a team and as always we took a lot of pictures!

May their strong bond, positive energy and spirits connect to their clients and potential clients out there through these portraits! Let not the prolonged pandemic slow us down, we must keep moving forward!

Thankful to these brothers – always the best dressed! for the opportunity.

Let me know when you’re ready for your portraits, I can do the same with you at your favorite location. Check out my details and contact me.

til next time 😉

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