Just about every December, I receive a call from their mom and I am instantly excited!

It is time to see the sisters and see how they are doing and photograph their growth!

Not having a specific location in our mind, I go to their house and usually take them just outside of their house. They have this three lined narrow street and look at it, threes turned into this gorgeous autumn color.

In this natural setting, we played and did little modeling runway style walking. They got taller, dressed nice as always, and wearing stylish shoes(this time!) The things never changed are . . . their playfulness, and the giggles. The giggles are contagious.

Look at these smiles during their session, while editing their photos, and even looking at them now, bring me a huge smile on my face. Luky me! Much appreciation for you to be my precious repeating clients!

until next time 😉

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