No matter where you are, or when in time it is, happy and healthy children’s growth is something we should celebrate. Let’s preserve the image.

November is the month of Shichi Go San celebration in Japan.

It is a traditional annual event praying for the healthy growth of children of three, five and seven years of age.Must be lots of families visiting Shrines/Temples and having commemorative photographs.

This photo of my family and myself (the oldest) was taken in Japan in the 70’s. The only one thing I actually remember from the date was that by the time we arrived at the shrine my little sister was almost half naked becausewe were both physically tussling and messing around in the back of my father’s car, and her kimono got loose. We all had a good laugh by looking at her being a mess while my mom had to dress her again…thanks mom. Now that I came across this photograph again, I can admire how beautiful my mom is in her Kimono (I did not remember she actually wore a kimono for the occasion!), how young and lively my father looks while holding my little brother tight, and let’s just not talk about my sister and my hair styles – the bangs . . . 

I feel simply grateful and thankful for my parent’s for everything that they had done for us and also made sure to preserve the photographs. 
Now that I am living and raising my own children in America (who knew that at the time!).

I just want to do the same thing. Take lots of pictures and preserve them so that my kids will look back at all these memories and be remind who they are.

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till next time 😉

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