Tied a knot. Nothing would stop them. Finished all the legal paper work at the city hall, became a family, and moved on with their lives.

One of their mentor friends convinced them to at least have their wedding commemorative portraits taken. Think of ten years, five years, or even one year from now….you would look back and be glad to have arranged to have yourself photographed while being so young, fresh and newlyweds!  All these photographs/albums will  gain value over the years, and your families who could not join your wedding due to the pandemic will  cherish and treasure them for sure.   

It was beyond my honor and pleasure to be part of this project. Hair and Makeup credit goes to Zenke Hair Salon. I really cherish the sessions in which we can all collaborate and create some one of a kind images by utilizing our collective efforts. Thank you.

Looking forward to the next one.

till next time 😉

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