in Los Angeles, (or only in our backyard). It was all possible thanks to my husband for holding up the water hose up high for us!

the rain felt so refreshing and reminded us of being in Japan…

It was a good day.

because she could finally spend time with her after months.

because she is her best friend.

and I am glad that I could capture them right before this California fire hazard and smoky air happened.

One of the things I learned during this quarantine was, I FINALLY had time to learn how to dress someone in Kimono!

Thanks to my daughter and her best friend who volunteered to be dressed in yukatas (casual version of summer kimono) so that I could practice dressing and doing some hair. How lucky am I to be able to photograph such beautiful young ladies?! Sweet Sixteen!

I had such a great time with them. Thank you!

until next time 😉

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