The cutest brothers ever.

How great they look in the kimonos! Shichi Go san is an annual Japanese festival to celebrate the growth of children, and it is as always beyond my pleasure to be part of the celebration and capture the boy’s happy and healthy growth here in Los Angeles. The big brother was 7 and little cutie was 5 years old!

I have been collecting things like the Japanese swords, umbrellas, and a bunch of other antiques every time I go back to Japan wishing my client’s children would be able to use them and experience an essence of Japanese culture.

As you can tell, we had an amazing time together! Magic of the images. The family and I created one of a kind memory album together which, I promise, it will always bring back the good memories and enjoy watching forever 7 and 5 years old.

Lol, loved his expression and the cutest growl of him when I placed the tiger silk cloth as his background.

Thank to Mrs.Mikko at Kimono no Kobeya for the stylish kimonos!

till next time 😉

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