Celebrating Shichi Go San in Los Angeles.

This lovely grandmother was visiting her son who is now raising his family here in Los Angeles. She brought the kimonos which were worn by her children in Japan. Now her grandchildren are wearing the kimonos to celebrate their Shichi Go San. By inheriting the family heirloom kimonos, children pass on the pride and legacy of who they are and where their family roots are from.

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of this family about 4 years ago . . . and now I had another opportunity to capture them again!!! How amazing and incredible it is to see them grow!

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4 years later . . . the twins are celebrating their 5th-year Shichi Go San!!!

The kimonos are family heirlooms which will be passed on to this family’s offspring-children . . . they are true family treasures!

till next time.

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