That is exactly what it is.

I feel that time passes by so much faster, and even I’m even overwhelmed by the fact these days. Is it because I am in mid 40’s? boo  😦  

I guess it is because of my children. They have been changing so rapidly that I can hear them growing. The children of my repeating clients have also been growing so much that I am amazed everytime I see them over the years.
Including mine, lives of every single person surely moves on and on. 
My oldest turned into 15 this month. She mentioned something about driving. Driving what? “CAR, of course, mama” she replies.  No no and no. Stop the time. She should at least stop talking about that for now. I am not ready.
My oldest on papa’s shoulder (or should I say papa could pick her up 10 years ago when I took the photo in Japan (Sunset on the Sea of Japan).

till next time 🙂


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