Shichi Go San Photography utilizing natural lighting with natural background Photographed in Los Angeles

My youngest daughter got to know this little sunshine at a Japanese preschool, Kodomo no Ie, and they became very close friends. I also got to know his mother and father and we also became great friends.  As my daughter grows, I can see him grow . . . and I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to capture him for his 5th-year celebration of Shichi Go San. The sparkle of his eyes with curiosity, the beautiful shine of his hair, skin, and teeth in healthy growth. Being a treasure and loved by his parents . . . words can not describe enough.

Photographing him, I could not help but say a small silent prayer……”Stay as you are. Wishing you all the BEST and your future will be as bright as your smile!”

till next time,

Kitsuke and Kimono rental is by Mrs.Mikko at Kimono no kobeya.

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